UQ 2022 Cyber Seed Funding

29 April 2022

This scheme will be instrumental in supporting the efforts of UQ’s researchers and academics to establish new and expanded linkages with strategic partners. 


Funding rounds for 2022:

                          Applications Due      Committee Results Announced

Round 1:            1st April  2022                       29 April 2022 (Completed)

Round 2:             1st July 2022                        29 July 2022

Round 3:             30 Sept 2022                         28 Oct 2022


Grant Funding Documents:

    Grant Funding Guidelines 2022 Cyber Transdisciplinary Research Seed Funding Scheme

    Application Form


Congratulations to the following round 1 successful applicants: 

Round 1

Towards Safe Gaming Metaverses

(01/08/2022 - 31/07/2023)

  • Dr. Mashhuda Glencross (ITEE)
  • Prof Simon Smith (HASS)
  • Dr. Janelle Mackenzie (HASS)

Cyber Security for Digital Identities: A Human-Centered Approach to Safely Empowering Older Australians Online

(01/10/2022 - 30/09/2023)

  • Prof. Janet Wiles (ITEE)
  • Prof. Alex Haslam (HABS)
  • Prof. Nicole Gillespie (BS)
  • Prof. Ryan Ko (ITEE)
  • Dr. Alina Bialkowski (ITEE)
  • Dr. Pete Worthy (Medicine)

Human-Centered Privacy for AI-supported Assistive Living for Persons with Disability

(01/06/2022 - 31/05/2023)

  • Dr Dhaval Vyas (ITEE)
  • Prof Greg Marston (HASS)
  • Dr Tammy Aplin (SHRS)
  • Prof Cameron Parsel (HASS)
  • Prof Tim Reddel (HASS)
  • Dr Caitlin Curtis (BS)

A methodology and framework to assist organisations in managing cyber security requirements of their suppliers

(01/05/2022 - 30/04/2023)

  • Prof. Ryan Ko (ITEE)
  • A/Prof Sergeja Slapnicar (BS)

Seed Funding Committee

The Seed Funding Committee are comprised of academics representing the participating faculties/centres of the UQ Cyber initiative. Committee members will meet each round to review and approve the seed funding grant applications.

Committee Members


If you would like to seek advice, direction and insights etc., please reach out to the above Seed Funding Committee Members.  

The Committee felt that these proposals either or all had:  

  • Clearly articulated the cyber security threats/issues;  
  • Had good industry partnerships that committed significant in-kind support and team access;  
  • Had great collaborations with other schools/faculties/institutes across UQ;
  • A good mix of researchers with relevant track records and skills
  • Written language used was clear and easy to read for non-technical committee members
  • Followed grant guidelines

For further information, please contact UQ Cyber via cyber@uq.edu.au

2022 Seed Funding Industry Partners


2022 Seed Funding Educational Institute Partners