Message from the Director

Professor Ryan KoWe're set on leading the Asia Pacific in cyber security education and practice

At UQ Cyber, we are proud to be one of the first universities in the world with a truly interdisciplinary approach to the complex challenges of cyber security.

UQ has been a pioneer in cyber security since 1992. UQ Cyber builds on the traditions of UQ’s AusCERT which was established in 1992 as the second oldest computer emergency response team after Carnegie Mellon University’s pioneering establishment of its CERT/CC.

Since the establishment of the UQ Cyber centre in February 2019 through a university-wide strategic initiative involving almost all faculties and schools, a centre and an institute, we have a strong interdisciplinary team which has been consistently featured as one of the top institutions of choice for cyber security learning and research in the Asia Pacific region.

Our researchers are regularly trailblazing frontiers in cyber security and data privacy research,  are published in the top journals and conferences across the fields of computer science, software engineering, power and electrical engineering, quantum physics, social sciences, criminology, political science, policy studies, psychology, law, economics, management, auditing, governance risk and compliance, and information systems.

We value diversity of thought and backgrounds, and intentionally designed our NIST NICE-aligned Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Cyber Security programs to take in students from any Bachelors degree. All Master of Cyber Security students graduate with a capstone project working on either research projects or an industry placement. UQ Cyber also features the highest number of CVEs reported for any Australian university and contributes to several critical vulnerability disclosures to our partners.

Our graduates are in high demand in the industry, and several of them received job offers before they finish their degrees. Since its establishment in 2019, students from our elite student club, UQ Cyber Squad, have been regularly featured amongst the top three positions across all cyber competitions (e.g. National Shearwater Challenge, Cyber 9/12) in Australia and around the world. We are also hosts of the Oceania Qualifiers of the International Cybersecurity Challenge (i.e. the ‘World Cup’ of cyber security competitions).

With cutting-edge facilities such as the Industry 4.0 Energy TestLab, Agile Security Operation Centre, Device Testing Lab and Cyber War Rooms to support learning and research, we strongly believe that we are creating the best environment for interdisciplinary cyber security research and education.

We look forward to having you join us as a colleague, student or industry partner.


Chair and Director of UQ Cyber
Professor Ryan Ko