Our facilities are designed to handle three-layers of research and training

The first layer is the strategy and management that is handled by the Cyber War rooms.

The second layer is the operational area which is the Agile Security Operation Centre (ASOC).

The last layer is the hardware and software layer which refers to the Device Testing lab. We also have the operational and industrial control system Energy Testlab.

uq cyber security hub

State of the art UQ Cyber Security Hub

The Hub necessitates visual and acoustic privacy

While the security-focused nature of the Hub necessitates visual and acoustic privacy, the refurbishment maximises natural light penetration through diaphanous screens and reflective surfaces. The spaces are linked by a spine with a deep blue ceiling that exposes services and imparts legibility to the organisation.

Project completed by Blightrayner.

Cyber War Rooms

The Cyber War Rooms facilitates red-blue teaming simulations, research and training.

The room can be reconfigured into different configurations and layouts to facilitate strategic/leadership training such as desktop exercises, as well as the red-blue teaming at the technical level with teams attacking and defending systems. The data generated in the Cyber War Rooms can also be analysed at the Agile Security Operation Centre (ASOC). The Cyber War Rooms are also the home of the UQ Cyber Squad – our elite competitive student squad at UQ.

cyber war room

device testing lab

Device Testing Lab

The Device Testing Lab focuses on the hardware and software aspects of cyber security.

Featuring a Faraday’s Cage and a variety of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Industrial IoT, Edge Computing and consumer electronic devices, the Device Testing Lab allows our researchers to conduct state-of-the-art testing and evaluation of devices impacting every aspect of our lives. Through this lab, we have discovered a large number of vulnerabilities disclosed to our partners, and several have resulted in being registered as CVEs.

Agile Security Operation Centre (ASOC)

The ASOC focuses on the tactical and operational aspects of cyber security.

Supporting the research and teaching of security operation centres, incident response, and data analysis. We implement cutting-edge machine learning algorithms into applications widely used by the industry, and research into a variety of physical-virtual workspace and SOC organisational structures – hence ‘Agile’. The ASOC can also be combined with the Cyber War Rooms to form a large event space. This facility complies with the standards and best practices of AARNET, and hosts the annual Oceania Qualifiers of the International Cybersecurity Challenge.

asoc room

Energy TestLab 4.0

Established to help enable the widespread adoption of digital Industry 4.0 technologies into the production and processing of Australia’s energy and resources.

The University of Queensland is one of six Australian universities selected for the National Industry 4.0 TestLab initiative.

The Industry 4.0 UQ Energy TestLab has been established at UQ with funding from the Commonwealth of Australia and the University of Queensland. whilst equipment and software has been provided by Siemens. 


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