Researcher biography


I am an Advanced Queensland Research Fellow at the School of ITEE of the University of Queensland (UQ). My fellowship is jointly sponsored by the State of Queensland through the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, UQ, and Redback Technologies Ltd, Australia. Prior joining UQ, I was at SUTD as a Research Scientist of SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC) from March 2015 to July 2017, and as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Engineering Product Development Pillar from September 2013 to February 2015. My previous employment also includes Visiting Research at NICTA, Australia (January 2013 - June 2013), Visiting Student Research Collaborator at Princeton University, USA (Summer 2011), and Lecturer at Presidency University, Dhaka (June 2007 - March 2009).

I received my B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2007, and the Ph.D. degree in Engineering from the Australian National University (ANU) in 2013.


Wayes's research focuses on different aspects of energy management for the smart grid. Examples include peer-to-peer energy trading, storage management, home energy management, electric vehicle, and transactive energy. He is also interested in the application of game theory, auction theory, data science, and designing thinking for energy management.

Research Grants and Management

  1. AQRF11016-17RD2: Peer-to-peer energy trading schemes for sustainable cities, Advance Queensland (2017-2020), CI.
  2. IDG31700103: Consumer-centric energy management for buildings: Design innovation technique for sustainability, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre Pilot (2017-2019), Co-CI.
  3. NRF2015ENC-GBICRD001-028: Green building management system - An open IoT platform approach, Singapore National Research Foundation (2016-2019), Co-CI.
  4. IDG31500106: A pilot project for developing smart energy management system prototype, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre Pilot (2015-2017), CI.
  5. IDG21500111: Building a toolset for energy audit systems, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre Pilot (2016-2016), CI.
  6. IDSF1200115OH: A general grant for IDC leveraged pilot project, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre Pilot (2015-2016), CI.
  7. NRF2012EWT-EIRP002-045: Demand focused smart energy management in end-user environments for sustainable cities, Singapore National Research Foundation (2013-2016), Co-CI.

The detail of my research activities can also be found on my personal homepage.