International Cybersecurity Championship 2023

International Cybersecurity Championship 2023

Tue 1 Aug 2023 8:00amFri 4 Aug 2023 5:00pm


Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, San Diego, California

The International Cybersecurity Championship and Conference (IC3) event is designed to attract top talent and raise global awareness of the power of games to upskill the cybersecurity industry.

Through its exciting, competition-based forum, the IC3 helps individuals further their cybersecurity education and skills. IC3 is designed with three primary components. The first is a speaker session showcasing top leaders in Cybersecurity Games and Exercises from around the world. The second is the hands-on expo of cyber games, immersive training, and exercises. Finally, the program includes the 2023 International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC), a championship tournament featuring global teams (25 years and younger).

The cybersecurity championship tournament is composed primarily of capture-the-flag and attack-and-defend games. It is an annual challenge that moves from country to country each year and is organized by the ENISA International Cybersecurity Challenge Program (ICC). Teams representing global regions travel to this multiday event to compete in challenges related to web application and system exploitation, cryptography, reverse engineering, hardware challenges, and attack/defense.

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Team Oceania (10 Australians & 6 New Zealanders aged 18-25) won 2nd place at the 2nd International Cybersecurity Challenge (IC3 Games) in San Diego, USA


Coaches: Ryan Ko, Joshua Scarsbrook, Rhys Davis, Abigail Koay, Ph.D
Team members: Emily Trau (Captain), Sam Hogan (Co-captain), Josh Hogan (Co-Captain), Jordan Bertasso, Cale Budd, Thomas Hobson, Chuanshu Jiang, Adam Kues, Daniel Le Souef, Jamie McClymont, Annie Nie, SiJing Zheng, Aidan Stansfield, Joseph Surin, Tomais Williamson, Jesse Nguyen
Support: Tiani Viscarra, Loretta Jamieson, Lorraine Han

Game results

IC3 - Overall leaderboard 
Team Europe: 15189,14 
Team Oceania: 13608,86 
Team Asia: 13032,00 
Team USA: 11438,10 
Team Canada: 9229,19 
Team Latin America: 4687,84 
Team Africa & the World: 4012,86

Day 1 - Jeopardy CTF 
Team Europe: 7670 
Team Oceania: 6497 
Team USA: 5431 
Team Asia: 5362 
Team Canada: 4024 
Team Africa & the World: 2222 
Team Latin America: 1906

Day 2 - A/D CTF & KOTH 
Team Asia: 52370,95 
Team Europe: 51340,89 
Team Oceania: 48559,98 
Team USA: 41016,64 
Team Canada: 35541,16 
Team Latin America: 18994,50 
Team Africa & the World: 12228,01

Day 2 - King of the Hill 
Team Canada: 904 
Team Europe: 718 
Team USA: 709
Team Oceania: 705 
Team Asia: 372 
Team Latin America: 275 
Team Africa & the World: 237

Call-for-Sponsors for our 2024 team

Want to make a difference? Would you be interested in supporting Team Oceania in our quest to win this next year? Your support will make a very big difference. If so, please contact Prof. Ryan Ko or Mr. Joshua Scarsbrook; happy to discuss how we can collaborate!


Prof. Ryan Ko
Mr. Joshua Scarsbrook